Top 5 Worst MTV Shows of All Time

Let’s admit one of the hardest things to do is watching a bad TV show leave alone the worst. In fact, watching some of these shows is like watching a train crash. Although some programs are so terrible that it’s easier to avoid them sometimes it’s just tough to switch stations. So what are the worst MTV shows of all time?

  1. Laguna Beach

This show started like a fake reality TV show. When it started almost everyone was watching it but when you think about what you were watching you even become guilty. This TV show was not only bad it also gave birth to other annoying TV shows such as Hills and the City. As a matter of fact, the only things that could keep you glued are the hot chicks. Ironically, if you mute your TV it was almost watchable but seriously it was nothing good but drama.

  1. Becoming

MTV could not even find a logo for this TV show. That was how bad it was. Apart from the show sounding like an arty movie the concept actually brings out a funny idea of a creepy fandom. This TV show is bad due to several facts. For instance, the TV show is not only creepy but it also creates a behind the scene for a music video that already exists. Although you might be forced to laugh at pathetic losers, pathetic losers in this show should not be sought out.

  1. Yo Momma

It’s quite unbelievable that this show lasted for more than 3 seasons although it was full of a lot of momma jokes. The host of this show, Wilmer was nothing if he is not playing a foreigner on that 70’s show. In this show, you would just watch a bunch of guys insulting each other while people stand around cheering them. This sort of show was actually frowned upon in so many places.

  1. Jersey Shore

Although this show has been around for some time now, it’s one of the most hated shows. They not only hate the show but they also hate the people that are on it. Watching this show can only be compared to watching a very serious accident taking place, something that you would not want to set your eyes on again. More so, even the place that the show is named after does not want the show anymore. This means for the upcoming seasons they must look for new places to shoot. Although no one is likely to watch it anymore you might tune up only to see how ignorant and stupid they are.

  1. Next

According to many reviews, this may be the worst dating show that has ever been created. If you do not remember what it was all about, it was about an individual going out on a date. If he likes his date he will simply say next and his date will appear. The dates and the daters on this show may be termed as the most untalented people in the whole world. This show will not only consume your time for nothing but it’s also very painful to watch. (By contrast, our sponsor friends at Pruvit Ketones are very talented indeed. You won’t need to watch them, though – they’re also very trustworthy.)

Well, those are some of worst MTV shows of all time.

The influence MTV has had on TV in general

MTV (Music television) in an American television station that was launched in 1981 and its main purpose as to play music videos that were introduced and controlled by producers called video jockeys. It transformed the music industry making it an attractive source of pop entertainment. Currently it produces videos that are aimed towards young adults and teenage viewers.

MTV has affected television programming negatively in a number of ways which include:

Censoring of videos

Many videos have been edited and bowdlerized by MTV so as to remove the music reference to violence sex and racism. This reduces the flavor and taste of the song. Music videos with such reference would not played on daytime but only at night or will be completely banned and removed from the playlist. MTV also developed a policy of not airing music videos that had demonic images and depict Satanism. They also refused to air videos that are anti-religious. This made them to ban videos such as Jesus Christ Pose and Megalomania.

Banning of Andrew Dice Clay

A lifetime ban was imposed on Andrew Dice Clay after he performed his usual adult nursery rhymes that were aggressive in nature during his stand-up comedy in 1989. This also affected Billy Idol whose music video had some scenes from one of Clay’s film whereby the scenes were later on completely removed

Beavis and Butt-head fire controversy

The controversy that a child burned down their house after watching this series made the producers to move to late hours rather than its initial 7pm watching time. The controversial scenes of character screaming the word fire after flicking a lighter was also removed. This change in the series made some of the episodes not to exist and be produced in their original form.

Jersey Shore show criticism

This critics by the Italian American rose since the MTV used “Guido” a tribal slur that refers to them while marketing the show. The largest Italian American association requested MTV to cancel the show and they later joined with other Italian groups so as to protest the cancellation of the show but it was all in vain. MTV just went ahead to release the show arguing that the show is not intended for all viewers and the show depicts a single youth culture.

Cancellation of the Dude, This Sucks pilot

This happened in 2001 when teenagers sued that they were drenched with fecal wastes by the producers. This made MTV cancel the production — and I’m thinking someone probably needed to call a bail bondsman over that stunt. Unbelievable.

Ethnic Criticism

MTV are said to underestimate the level of teenager’s intellectual capacity by producing programs that are violent in nature and have excess sexual content. Some sponsorship companies have thus advertised to withdraw their sponsorship to such programs.

In conclusion, MTV has had some adverse negative effects on television programs by resulting to the cancellation of some programs and the removal of some scenes on some series. It has also led to immorality among teenagers since some programs are violent in nature and have excess sexual content.

With all the information above, you can find cause as to why MTV might not be so good for the community at large.


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The Worst MTV Videos

Worst MTV Videos of All Time – Music Videos Even MTV Is Probably Embarrassed By

When you think about legendary music videos, you think about the videos made by Michael Jackson, the Talking Heads, Guns n Roses, the Beastie Boys, REM and Outkast to name a few famous acts. However, there are plenty of outright bad music videos that even MTV would probably have felt embarrassed to have shown. Maybe these videos are a part of why MTV has just about abandoned them these days?

The Beach Boys – Kokomo

This song is a critical example of how much Brian Wilson, who had nothing to do with the song, meant to this group. The video is an unreasonably corny look at island life and features people trying to look as cool as possible but it turns out they’re just trying too hard. It is also debatable as to whether John Stamos is actually playing the conga on this or if they piped in his sounds later through someone else playing it.

James Blunt – You’re Beautiful

James Blunt doesn’t have much of a face or a voice for the camera in this drab and plain video. You’re better off listening to Weird Al Yankovic’s parody of this song instead.

David Bowie and Mick Jagger – Dancing In the Street

What happens when two music icons get together to perform this Motown classic? You get two old guys looking awkward while dancing. It is better to hear them than to see them in this case.

Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby

This is far from the most embarrassing thing that Vanilla has done. Rapping alongside the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and making a heavy metal version of this rap classic are actually worse. But this video is extremely dated and makes it look like he and his backup dancers are trying far too hard.

Cher – If I Could Turn Back Time

This video features Cher in an irrationally-revealing outfit dancing around and straddling a cannon while some sailors look turned on by her. It is a monument of cheesiness.

LMFAO – Sexy and I Know It

Not even a cameo from porn legend Ron Jeremy can save this video that takes sexuality down a notch. The two guys from LMFAO aren’t even that sexy to begin with. Think of it as a parody that gets the idea of what a parody is wrong.

Kings of Leon – Radioactive

The Followil kids are apparently acting in this video as missionaries in Africa teaching people about rock music. This music video is less down-to-earth and more uncomfortable to watch than anything.

Journey – Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

The air-playing, including Jonathan Cain’s awkward air-keyboarding, make this a notoriously silly video. The nonsensical narrative of the video, which is apparently a dream, makes this a bad video just as well. It’s unfortunate as this is one of Journey’s best songs. It did inspire one of the most memorable music video commentaries on MTV’s Beavis and Butt-Head – one that caused Cain himself to contact MTV about it.

Eiffel 65 – Blue (Da Ba Dee)

You could actually include any video that this Italian electronic music group as done, what with their bad PSX-era graphics and ridiculous sci-fi storylines hovering all over the place. Amusingly enough, the alien guy in most of their videos even “released” his own “solo album” in Europe.

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Why MTV detracts From Instead Of Adds To The World

The huge popularity of MTV puts it in a position that it has a significant effect on the world. Some of this effect is positive but there are strong arguments that it detracts from the world more than it adds. This is especially amongst the young people who form the majority percentage of its fan base. The negative effects have resulted to many people believing in things which are not necessarily helpful in their lives. Instead of a large fan base, we at MTV Hell think that MTV needs a good lawyer to get them under control. Ok, maybe we went too far with that one…but seriously though. Here are some of the primary reasons why MTV detracts from instead of adds to the world.

One of the major downside of MTV is that it promotes money over intelligence. Most of the celebrities who are featured usually brag about how rich they are instead of promoting intelligence. As a result, the viewers especially the younger ones believe that having money is more important than being intelligent. This results to some of the young people not taking their education seriously and instead engage in activities to help them make money. Some of the activities the youth get into are illegal and some of these young people end up in jail while some even lose their lives. It would be better if the young people were influenced in a way that they believe being intelligent is better than having money.

Another dark side of MTV is that some of its content degrades women through portraying them as objects of pleasure. This has a negative effect especially on small girls who are made to believe that they are supposed to please men so as to be accepted in the society. Such you girls loose focus on the important aspects of their lives and instead concentrate on being as acceptable to the society as possible. Some of the influenced girls also lose their self esteem which makes them miss some of the available opportunities in their lives.

The use of harmful substances such as drugs and excess alcohol is also promoted by some of the content on MTV. The innocent young people who view content promoting these vices are made to believe that using these harmful substances will make them feel good and look cool amongst their peers. This in turn destroys the lives of many young people who become addicted to these harmful substances and therefore are unable to control their lives. Some of the people whose lives are destroyed by the harmful substances would have otherwise become important people in the society if they had avoided the unhelpful habits.

Another negative impact of the some of the content on MTV is people taking family values lightly. Some of this content usually portrays having reckless relationships as a good thing which makes one look good amongst peers. It also shows reckless sex as a good thing which encourages young people to have multiple partners. The direct effect of this is that many young people get infected with different diseases which would have been avoided if they had good morals. When the influenced young people loose the family values they are unable to start and build successful families even when they grow up consequently affecting the society and indeed the entire world negatively. Therefore, the outlined points clearly show why MTV detracts from instead adds to the world.




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The (dark) history of MTV

Over three decades ago today, before you could watch videos on YouTube at the press of a button, in fact before most of us had ever heard of the internet, and long before the popularity of solar energy and hybrid cars among celebrities and musicians, a monumental musical event occurred. At 12:01 AM on August 1, 1981 a new station came on the air, called MTV. The first images broadcast on the new music television station were the launch of Apollo 11. The first video was “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Bugles and the rest as they say was “History”. Music lovers, especially the young high school age and college age, were now going to be able to see their favorite musicians and bands more often than the usual Grammy awards broadcast or special guest appearance on a late night show, American Bandstand or Soul Train.

Teenagers and young adults now think of MTV as the channel to view reality TV, series aimed at the young adult, and short broadcasts once a day of the top videos. But where are those videos? What makes MTV “THE” music television station? For those that were aware of the new MTV channel it was revolutionary. Musicians became creative with their videos that held much more than what is seems is seen today, despite more technology. Getting cable was a must just to have MTV.

For those wanting to revisit the nostalgia of the good ol’ MTV days, there will be a re-broadcast of the network’s first hour as well as marathon playing of music videos from the 1980’s. However, this won’t be available on MTV, but rather VH1 Classic. It will be a three day celebration beginning on the VH1 Classic channel on Saturday at 6:00 AM EST.

Mark Goodman, was one of MTV’s DJs (disc-jockey) which later was dubbed as a VJ (video-jockey), meaning they had invented a whole new genre of music hosts, recalled the growth of MTV in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. He said, “Part of the occupation was to hang out with link administrators and persuade them to get MTV. Inside of six months we began recovering these stories from residential communities in the Midwest and in the South where individuals were going into record stores and requesting the Buggles, who had been off the racks for around three years by 1981. I additionally did an appearance in Cheyenne, Wyoming at a record store where a huge number of individuals appeared. I said, ‘What’s going on?’ They said, “You.” I was totally blown away, and I said, ‘Alright, it’s working.'”
He included, “I think we just had 300 recordings at first. Which is the reason you saw Andrew Gold at regular intervals. We additionally had loads of Rod Stewart, and even acts like Charlie Daniels. One of the early examples of overcoming adversity was Duran. We began playing ‘Planet Earth’ at an opportune time and it got them wide introduction. We began to find out about British groups going to the States and being stunned by what number of individuals appeared.
“To the extent I know, MTV isn’t doing anything specifically to commend the 30th. MTV doesn’t need individuals to consider how mother truckin’ old they are. The people observing now were along these lines, so not conceived when we dispatched. They were light years from being conceived.”

The days of videos the likes of “Thriller” by Michael Jackson are long gone, just as MTV being a music video television station is long gone. Instead, videos are common, and can be downloaded and watched over and over, or viewed whenever you want on the Internet. Who would think MTV would change so much or have such a large impact on music in general? Then again, who could have predicted a television station based solely on short performances of music would evolve and give rise to several other video based stations. Change occurs, but for those that can recall the good old days and the thrill of viewing a favorite video after hours of sitting and waiting in front of MTV, it will never be the same. Happy 30th Birthday MTV!

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