Why MTV detracts From Instead Of Adds To The World

The huge popularity of MTV puts it in a position that it has a significant effect on the world. Some of this effect is positive but there are strong arguments that it detracts from the world more than it adds. This is especially amongst the young people who form the majority percentage of its fan base. The negative effects have resulted to many people believing in things which are not necessarily helpful in their lives. Instead of a large fan base, we at MTV Hell think that MTV needs a good lawyer to get them under control. Ok, maybe we went too far with that one…but seriously though. Here are some of the primary reasons why MTV detracts from instead of adds to the world.

One of the major downside of MTV is that it promotes money over intelligence. Most of the celebrities who are featured usually brag about how rich they are instead of promoting intelligence. As a result, the viewers especially the younger ones believe that having money is more important than being intelligent. This results to some of the young people not taking their education seriously and instead engage in activities to help them make money. Some of the activities the youth get into are illegal and some of these young people end up in jail while some even lose their lives. It would be better if the young people were influenced in a way that they believe being intelligent is better than having money.

Another dark side of MTV is that some of its content degrades women through portraying them as objects of pleasure. This has a negative effect especially on small girls who are made to believe that they are supposed to please men so as to be accepted in the society. Such you girls loose focus on the important aspects of their lives and instead concentrate on being as acceptable to the society as possible. Some of the influenced girls also lose their self esteem which makes them miss some of the available opportunities in their lives.

The use of harmful substances such as drugs and excess alcohol is also promoted by some of the content on MTV. The innocent young people who view content promoting these vices are made to believe that using these harmful substances will make them feel good and look cool amongst their peers. This in turn destroys the lives of many young people who become addicted to these harmful substances and therefore are unable to control their lives. Some of the people whose lives are destroyed by the harmful substances would have otherwise become important people in the society if they had avoided the unhelpful habits.

Another negative impact of the some of the content on MTV is people taking family values lightly. Some of this content usually portrays having reckless relationships as a good thing which makes one look good amongst peers. It also shows reckless sex as a good thing which encourages young people to have multiple partners. The direct effect of this is that many young people get infected with different diseases which would have been avoided if they had good morals. When the influenced young people loose the family values they are unable to start and build successful families even when they grow up consequently affecting the society and indeed the entire world negatively. Therefore, the outlined points clearly show why MTV detracts from instead adds to the world.




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