The influence MTV has had on TV in general

MTV (Music television) in an American television station that was launched in 1981 and its main purpose as to play music videos that were introduced and controlled by producers called video jockeys. It transformed the music industry making it an attractive source of pop entertainment. Currently it produces videos that are aimed towards young adults and teenage viewers.

MTV has affected television programming negatively in a number of ways which include:

Censoring of videos

Many videos have been edited and bowdlerized by MTV so as to remove the music reference to violence sex and racism. This reduces the flavor and taste of the song. Music videos with such reference would not played on daytime but only at night or will be completely banned and removed from the playlist. MTV also developed a policy of not airing music videos that had demonic images and depict Satanism. They also refused to air videos that are anti-religious. This made them to ban videos such as Jesus Christ Pose and Megalomania.

Banning of Andrew Dice Clay

A lifetime ban was imposed on Andrew Dice Clay after he performed his usual adult nursery rhymes that were aggressive in nature during his stand-up comedy in 1989. This also affected Billy Idol whose music video had some scenes from one of Clay’s film whereby the scenes were later on completely removed

Beavis and Butt-head fire controversy

The controversy that a child burned down their house after watching this series made the producers to move to late hours rather than its initial 7pm watching time. The controversial scenes of character screaming the word fire after flicking a lighter was also removed. This change in the series made some of the episodes not to exist and be produced in their original form.

Jersey Shore show criticism

This critics by the Italian American rose since the MTV used “Guido” a tribal slur that refers to them while marketing the show. The largest Italian American association requested MTV to cancel the show and they later joined with other Italian groups so as to protest the cancellation of the show but it was all in vain. MTV just went ahead to release the show arguing that the show is not intended for all viewers and the show depicts a single youth culture.

Cancellation of the Dude, This Sucks pilot

This happened in 2001 when teenagers sued that they were drenched with fecal wastes by the producers. This made MTV cancel the production — and I’m thinking someone probably needed to call a bail bondsman over that stunt. Unbelievable.

Ethnic Criticism

MTV are said to underestimate the level of teenager’s intellectual capacity by producing programs that are violent in nature and have excess sexual content. Some sponsorship companies have thus advertised to withdraw their sponsorship to such programs.

In conclusion, MTV has had some adverse negative effects on television programs by resulting to the cancellation of some programs and the removal of some scenes on some series. It has also led to immorality among teenagers since some programs are violent in nature and have excess sexual content.

With all the information above, you can find cause as to why MTV might not be so good for the community at large.


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